Bridgette B

About Bridgette B:

Bridgette B is a sexy Latina porn star. Her HUGE boobs are enticing and hypnotic. Her pretty face and tight body add to the hotness that she possesses. Bridgette B is naturally submissive in bed. In real life she calls the shots, but when it comes to getting fucked, Bridgette B wants to be put in her place. Bridgette wants that place to be on her knees with a cock in her mouth, pussy or ass. She cums hard from anal sex, and loves a good spanking as she is taking it hard from behind.Bridgette is so incredibly hot most men wont even last a minute this latina beauty is one of the best stars around .

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Bridgette B

Scenes with Bridgette B:
Models: Bridgette B, Erik Everhard
30 minutes