Mercedes Carrera

About Mercedes Carrera:

Mercedes Carrera is a sexy Latina MILF porn star with a great ass. Her tits are great as well, but this is ANALIZED.COM so let's focus on the butt. Mercedes Carrera is athletic and built. Her tight asshole and thick booty always get the attention she craves. She loves military men and especially Marines. On off time, Mercedes Carrera can be found servicing the fighting men of the country. Mercedes Carrera can handle more than one cock at a time with ease. Her theory is that she has three holes and two hands so there is no reason why she should only be able to satisfy one cock when a gangbang is possible.

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Mercedes Carrera

Scenes with Mercedes Carrera:
Models: Mercedes Carrera, Prince Yahshua
28 minutes
Models: James Deen, Mercedes Carrera
22 minutes